Are you an Automobile, Motorcycle, Motocross, Karting driver ? As long as the circuit is equipped with our timing system Chronelec and our automated data server, download our app and all your records will be stored.

Compatible transponders

Elite transponders (Hardwired or rechargeable), LS (Hardwired or rechargeable), RF, RK and RC

Make sure the circuit uses a system compatible with your transponder.

Download the racer leaflet

How does it work?

  1. Download our app from Google PlayStore or the Appstore. Install the latest version and create your user account.

2. Find out what transponder number you own or have been assigned and start your sessions

3. Select your circuit as well as your vehicle (Motocross, Moto, Auto, Karting and the category (this will be used to compare you with other competitors in the same category)

Let’s get on track!

5. I get my lap time directly on my phone on each lap! My results and performance is automatically saved in my profile.